Nuria Castan was born on 4th October 1997 in Reus and from an early age she had a especial feeling for sport activities. snow with a sleigh and a plastic sliding down the first slopes in Soldeu El Tarter (Andorra).

Nuria Castán in the Pleta del Prat (Tavascán), ski resort of Pallars Subirà, with 4 years.

When she was over 3 years old (2001) she put on a pair of skiis for the first time in her life in Tavascan in the Pallars Sobirà (Catalonia) She was with the monitors of the Tavascan Mountain School since the first day. At that time she was dedicate only to skiing and her main interest was to ski down the tracks very fast.

Photo in Cerler (Pyrenees of Huesca) with 8 years.

When she was 8 years old (2004) in the Tavascan Resort (Lleida Pyrinees), she decided to change the skis for the snowboard, mainly for the curiosity of the novelty. From 2005/06 she concentrates on her new passion snowboarding.

Three seasons later when she was 10 years old she started to go to the Cerler Ski resort (Huesca/Pyrinees) and there she was in the Spanish School of Snowboarding, being Albert Carbonell (Qualified Instructor TD2) the instructor with whom she was longer doing private classes at the weekends.

After some seasons Carbonell said that he couldn’t teach her more things about Snowboard in track, nevertheless Nuria had the wish to learn more things. She felt curious about the Freestyle and the things round the Snowpark. Thanks to Albert’s advice, he told us to go to the Cerler Aneto Ski Club in Benasque (Huesca) where a team of Snowboard was being formed and whose coach was Arturo Rodríguez (Qualified instructor TD3).

During this season, Nuria knows the world of Freestyle along with Arturo and she experiences a technical improvement very important. She took part in some slaloms and Freestyle competitions gong up onto the podium in all the competitions.

Photo of one of her first appearances in official contests of Freeride, was in El Dorado in Arcalis in the 2.013.

In the 2012/13 season Nuria gets a qualitative improvement very important when she enrols in the Pals Riding Academy in Puigcerda (Catalonia) where she is trained by Sergio Arjona (qualified instructor TD3) and she increases her level considerably specially in Freeride thanks to a minimum 5 hour training divided into training tracks, Freeride and Snowpark. Advised by her coach, she took part, despite being so Young (She was the youngest rider in the tour) in the best competition currrently in the world, Junior Freeride World Champion zip (Junior Freeride tour) organized by Freeride World Tour (FWT) where she was the great surprise as she went up onto the podium three times in 4 races (the only race where she didn’t go up onto the podium in Fieberbrunn (Austria) it was because she had to compete against men as there were no other female riders taking part. In the competition El Dorado, she finished first and in the final phase in Snowbird (USA) she got the bronze medal in the JFT World Championship.

In the 2013/14 season thanks to her Coach Monica Font (who has taken part in the European Tour Freeride World Qualifier, FWQ) Nuria concentrates exclusively preparing her participation in the European Freeride Junior (Junior Freeride Tour).

In this championship 4 competitions were held

In the end this was a fourth place in the JFT of Europe as well as classifying for the Championship in Big Sky in the USA.

Photo of her first podium in a World Championship in Big Sky (Montana USA), took silver medal.

At the beginning of April, she travelled to Big Sky resort in Montana (USA) along with her coach to compete in the Junior Freeride World Championship 2014, competition where she obtained the Silver Medal, when she was only 16 years old.

Being this the last competition that close the 2013/14 season.

In Juny 2014, when she finished her first year at High School in Reus (the town where she lives), she started for the fists time a preseason with a physical instructor Roberto Rodriguez, worthing with him since mid June until the end of November. They worked between 3 OR 4 days a week, doing a specific preparation with monitored classes, bicycle, elasticity, muscle-building for the developement of endurance capacity and explosivity etc… to face the season.

Photo of her first time on the top of the podium, first place in Chamonix in the FJT of 2.015.

In the new 2014/15 season, at the end of November and with the first fallen snow, she met the one who would be her coach during this season, Jon Casals, rider from Manresa (Barcelona) great expert of the mountain who has spent season in Argentina the Pyrinees (French and Catalan Cerdanya). In the beginning he was working the basics and track technics for the later implementation on the mountain with the Freeride practice. It was hard but the benefits of it all where obtained at the end of the season.

At the end of January the competitions of the last season in the FJT (Freeride Junior Tour 2015) started in Chamonix (France) where she achieved the 1st Place in her life in a competition 3 * of the FJT, the following week she got the 3rd Place in Fieberbrunn (Austria) and the next one in her first competition 4* she got the 4th place in the Junior Freeride World Championship held in Andorra.

At the end of March she took part in the last competition of the European Championship in Verbier (Switzerland) and despite being 4th, she became 2nd Place in the European Junior Freeride Championship 2015.

For the next season she will jump to the Freeride World Qualifier (FWQ), which is the senior level and this is where the riders are chosen to reach the top Level in the Freeride World tour (FWT).

In the 2015/16 season facing a new challenge, which is participating for the first time in the category Qualifier (Freeride World Qualifier), which is, in senior category.

Nuria Castán training in the Wood Park Arcalis (Andorra)

This season will count again with Robert Rodriguez (personal trainer) will be his second season with Nuria. In the part of technical training, will this season with Marc Grajera, Catalan coach who reside in Andorra and, of course, Nuria continuous training in Arcalis (Andorra).

Photo Champions Montafon (Austria) 3 *. Nuria, second from left.

The season did not start very well because of the lack of snow in Europe, which caused delays in many competitions and even cancellations FWQ as Hochfugen (FWQ 4*). The competitions began in France in Vars with a 2* FWQ, where Nuria got her first podium in the category finishing in second place, it was the first in its category a rider from the Junior category has been able to get a podium finish in his first year in the category of FWQ. That same week but Arcs (France) regained a new podium in the competition 2* Arcs that week also is the first test FWQ 4*, where Núria scored a creditable 5th position played.

As everything can not be positive in its displacement Songdal (Norway) to play his second test of 4*, he spent a week there and could not make this competition due to bad weather, the best of the trip knowing Norway and landscapes, spectacular !!!

Nuria Castán in her descent in Montafon (Austria), which earned him the top spot on the final podium.

In late February came his first displacement to Austria, FWQ 3, here, Núria got hismost important success all season getting the first position in a 3* in his first season in FWQ.Later, in the final stretch of the season, came trips to Nendaz (Switzerland) 4*, Sainte Foy (France) where he earned a 4th place in a 3* Lizum and Cortinad'Ampezo both 3, which they resulted in two crashes in the last two competitionsthat relegated the podium positions.

The season was long and, in the end, very hard, now only remains to draw conclusions to improv

Nuria Castán in her ascent to the starting area in Lizum (Austria) 3 *.

e the next and once finished the first course of Graphic Design at the University start preparing next season with the utmost enthusiasm and desire.

Nuria Castán in Remarkables (NZ) before the contest of 2* FWQ.

In August this year, for the first time, Nuria moves during the summer to New Zealand, here the austral winter, about one month, for the first time a pre-season outside Europe, the farthest from home point to Wanaka the South Island of New Zealand.

After a long trip with stops in London, Singapore and Sydney he arrived in Queenstown and after a short trip by bus reached its destination, Wanaka, near stations as well known as Remarkables, Cardrona and Treble Cone. On this trip, besides the recreational and tourist component, there was a component of competition, participation in different competitions of  FWQ circuit for season 2.016 / 17.

Specifically Nuria participated in three competitions, obtaining very positive results, being, her career, from less to more, she began with a sixth place in the North Frontier in Remarkables 2 *, due to a fall in the top of descent that away from the fight for the podium, then at the North Frontier Remarkables 4 * managed a creditable fourth place and finally a week later at Mt. Olympus in the Open Freeride 2 * she got the victory.

These results have been achieved that may be on the 4th provisional position in the ranking of the FWQ (Europe - Oceania). Leaving aside the competitive issue, she has been in ski resorts that are a paradise for any freerider as Tem

Nuria Castán int he contest of Mt. Olympus FWQ 2*, where she obtained the first position.

ple Basin and

In Remarkables (NZ), before the contest.

Mt. Olympus and others where the freestyle has a predominant role as Cardrona or Treble Cone, part mention deserves Remarkables which is one of the largest on the island.

The trip has been an amazing experience and Nuria is ready to repeat next year, the environment that was there, people, landscapes, snow, competitions ... everything has been a very positive experience that has left, in Nuria, keen to repeat the trip next summer. Now, all that remains is the work of preseason and wait for the first snow to return to Arcalis to train and deal with the maximum guarantees next season.


After her trip to New Zealand, Nùria continues her university studies of the 2nd year of Graphic Design and her physical preparation for the upcoming season in Europe, waiting for the first snows to continue his training at Arcalís (Vallnord) in Andorra.

An important news for this new season is its change of sponsor in the brand of rigid material, after almost 3 years with the brand Völkl Snowboards, and that the brand will take the decision not to continue the manufacture and distribution of rigid Snowboard material and with a fond memory of this brand, Núria became part, since January 2017, of another of the great brands in the world of snow, with an impressive record and specifically in the world of Snowboard, HEAD SNOWBOARDS, the The change was important and Núria had to make a lot of effort to adapt to the new material, but after a few weeks once the competitions started, her adaptation had been full, and throughout the season she got different podiums in 2 * and 4 * of the FWQ (Freeride World Qualifier).

For this season the combination of studies at the University, physical preparation, training in Arcalís (Andorra) and travel to competitions in Europe, have made the season has been very intense and hard, but rewarding. He has managed to climb in the 2017 championship, to the 7th final position, starting in the 13th, being his first season in the FWQ, he had previously competed in the FJT (Freeride Junbior Tour), during 4 seasons.

Top 69 FWQ 2017 Europe Oceania - SNOW WOMEN as of Apr 13 2017
Rank Name Gender Results Points
1 Mandl, Manuela (AUT) F 3 5400
2 Orlova, Anna (RUS) F 3 5050
3 Salvador Arguas, Ana (ESP) F 3 4350
4 Davis-Meehan, Michaela (AUS) F 3 3650
5 Kuzma, Maria Anne (NZL) F 3 3540
6 Chapotot, Claire (FRA) F 3 3490
7 Castán Barón, Nuria (ESP) F 3 3000
8 Hollsten, Mikaela (FIN) F 3 2990

Nuria Castán in Arcalís (Andorra) in one of her practices.

During the season she managed to get on the podium in Hochfügen (Austria), 4* contest of the FWQ obtaining the 3rd position and in Les Arcs (France), 2* contest of the FWQ, obtaining the 2nd Position, in addition to the results obtained in the austral winter in New Zealand, where he obtained the 1st position in Mt. Olympus, 2* contest and a meritorious 4th position in Remarkables, 4* contest of FWQ.

On the left, Nuria Castán in the podium of Hochfügen (Austria), she managed the 3rd final position.

Nuria Castán, doing balance exercises in New Zealand.

The evaluation of this season, has been, in general, very positive, especially considering that it was her first year in the highest category (Freeride World Qualifier), once the competitions finished in April, she returns to the routine of the University and waiting, with much desire, the new trip to New Zealand, next summer.

The 2017/18 season starts as always in New Zealand, always with the maximum enthusiasm and desire to know a little more about the fantastic country that is New Zealand, in this trip it will be about 3 months to make the most of the trip to the antipodes of Spain.

The forecast is to participate in the three competitions of FWQ which are Remarkables of 2 * and 4 * and Mt. Olympus of 2 *, also will take advantage of doing some tourism in the North Island especially in Auckland, Wellington and the Natural parks of the North Island that are spectacular.

Nuria Castán in New Zealand

With respect to the competitions in Remarkables the results had good/bad, in the contest of 2* the final result was a 6th position, however, in the contest of 4* it gives the bell, getting a very meritorious third position since in front of her she had Manuel Mandl and Maria Kuzma both riders of the FWT, being the first classified of the runners of the FWQ category.

Nuria Castán on the podium of Remarkables 4 *, to the right of the image in the 3rd final position.

In the photo we can see Nuria Castán in full descent in the 4 * test of Remarkables 4 * (NZ) in which she obtained the 3rd final position.

Nuria Castán in the center of the image in her second consecutive victory in Mt. Olympus FWQ 2 *, to the right of the image Dion Newport organizer and creator of this competition in NZ.

After this injection of morale, getting a third final position in Remarkables (NZ), Nuria moved north of the South Island, to a ski resort that in it's entirety is for freeride, Mt. Olympus, an icon for Nuria, since the last season already won in this season in the first edition of the Mt. Olympus Freeride Open. Once again he gets the victory in this difficult competition that despite being 2 * has a high degree of difficulty.








Descent in the lower section of Mt. Olympus.

In the lower images we can see some photos of Nuria Castán in full decline of this competition, which ultimately won the victory that allowed him to add 600 pts. in the General Classification of the FWQ European Championship.

Jump on Mt. Olympus FWQ 2*










The final classification of competition was as follows:












Once finished the season in NZ, he returns to the routine of his Graphic Design studies at the University, currently he is taking 3rd year at the ESDAP university school in Lleida and combines it with his training at Arcalís (Andorra) and his competitions, from now on in Europe.

The first trips are to Vars and Les Arcs in France, in Vars at the end of January, it is in 4th position, but in Les Arcs, it is where it obtains its best result until the date being in first position in a test of 4 * with 20 years, being the youngest Spanish rider to obtain a victory in a test of the highest category of the Freeride World Qualifier.

Castán at the top of the podium in Les Arcs (France).

This victory consolidates it in the Top 3 of the FWQ (Europe-Oceania) and have options to get the first position that would give way to be able to participate in the FWT.

In the following months, February, March and the first two weeks of April, were very stressful with continuous trips and training in Araclís (Andorra), the results were not as expected, although he had another podium (3rd place) in the Jam Extrem in Arcalís, it was a consolation although not quite, the trips to Nendaz (Switzerland), Obergurgl and Hochfügen in Austria, Jasna in Slovaquia, did not deport very good results although I always tried to do my best, at this level the most minimum error is paid out of the options that give in the podium.

The best result was a 5th position in Jasna (Slovakia), in the two competitions it took two sixth places and in Nendaz I was in the 13th position, as I said before, despite the 3rd position in the Jam Extrem it was not an end of very good season.

We hope that for the next season, that I will finish my university studies in Graphic Design, I will be able to focus more on the months of competition.