The run of Nuria Castán in Jasna (Slovakia) had no reward of podium.

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Last Friday was the fourth con test of the international Freeride circuit (FWQ) in Jasna (Slovakia), the contest was on a face with fairly upright in the areas of couloirs and fairly exposed. There were many changes in the type of snow on the face; Snow hard, in some areas there was snow “crust” and other areas were very “windys”.

Mountain face in Jasna (Slovakia)

The day was very sunny but it was quite windy which made the development of the competition very difficult, Castan left with the number 42 and in general made a dizzying descent, with great fluidity and control and with two jumps perfectly executed, The first on a rock in the intermediate zone of the descent and the second on a windy area, in the lower section, that a sort of cornice had been created.
After the cornice, in the lower zone of the descent, faced a channel that had a very steep slope without making turns linking with a “rectum” until the zone of arrival.

The problem came in the upper section, that only leaving the exit arch was a flat area on the crest of the mountain that had no danger and was used to reach the different channels and begin the descent and in that area, Castan committed a mistake, just before entering the channel made a “buttchek” that totally unexpected, despite not having falls in her descent, this error penalized Castán leaving it outside the podium, despite having made a spectacular decline that was commented by the Riders present in the arrival area, in the end a sixth place.

Nuria Castán in her run in Jasna Adrenalin (Slovakia)

The positive reading, is that in the Ranking of the FWQ 2017 has already reached 3000 points, being the first objective of the season, leaving several contests of the circuit in Europe two of 4* (Nendaz and Obergurl) and a 3* in Arcalís (Andorra), which, for the moment, maintains the expectations of remaining in the Top 5 of 2017, intact towards the end of the season, last season finished it in the 9th position of the Ranking FWQ 2016.
In this way you will be able to face the 2017/18 season, with options to continue participating in the FWQ 4* tests both in Europe and in New Zealand, which are the ones that give the highest scores to qualify for the Freeride World Tour (FWT) .