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New Zealand is a country that Nuria Castán feels good for, in a third test of the season, the HEAD SNOWBOARDS Rider, she has managed to repeat the victory of last season, winning again at Mt. Olympus in the FWQ contest of 2*.


The snow was perfectly and in quantity on the slope of the mountain chosen by the organization for the competition, the total participation was 10 riders in her category, women snowboard, of 6 different countries, being the level of all participants very high .

The descent of Nuria was very vertical and very fast, in the upper section completed two well received jumps, in the middle section the speed was imposed linking turns giving verticality to her descent, finally in the lower section still gave time to make a third jump of less height than the two of the upper section but that was correctly executed.

Nuria Castán obtained a final score of 80 points, it is noteworthy that she was the first to leave in this competition, the score obtained is the second highest of all obtained in FWQ, these points are over 100.

For their assessment judges they use a series of criteria such as: fluency, style, technique, speed, jumps and tricks etc …

With this first place in Mt. Olympus, Castán manages to be placed in the 2nd Position of the Ranking of the Freeride World Qualifier 2018, is the highest position in the ranking that she has arrived, although it is provisional since the season has just begun and still are missing the trips to Canada and competitions in Europe.

Below is the ranking of the TOP 5 of the Freeride World Qualifier 2018

Top 15 FWQ 2018 Europe Oceania – SNOW WOMEN as of Sep 13 2017

Maria Anne Kuzma (NZL)  2500 pts.

Nuria Castán Barón (ESP) 2150 pts.

Manuel Mandl (AUT) 1900 pts.

Amber Arazny (AUS) 1450 pts.

Ana Salvador (ESP) 1400 pts.


Podium from category Women Snowboarding, Nuria Castán is located in the center of the picture.

Nuria Castan on the ascent towards the exit zone on the upper face of the mountain.

Action photo on the descent of Mt. Olympus (NZ).

Action photo on the descent of Mt. Olympus (NZ).